From 12 of 15 of March of 2018 Deputy director of Space Research Institute NASU-SSAU Prof. Nataliia Kussul participated in Regional workshop on UNCCD training for the countries on NMED/CEE and Central Asia that was held in Antalya and funded by UNEP/GEF Global Support Programme.

Within the workshop Prof. Nataliia represented Ukrainian contribution to GEO related activities and GEOEssential/ERA-PLANET H2020 project, as well as the results of global land cover products validation via cross-comparison with national high-resolution land cover maps for the territory of Ukraine with presentation “SDG Monitoring and Global Products Validation within GEO related projects“.

Workflows for SGD indicators monitoring that are under development with GEOEssential project will be operationally used for assessment of land degradation with UNCCD activities.