The solution FloodHub+, a component of the smart urban portfolio of SMURBS, is now actuated in the critical area of Mandra, Attica. FloodHub+, developed and implemented by the BEYOND Center of Excellence, deploys high-resolution Sentinel data (retrieved by Copernicus), hydrological and hydraulic models, in situ, and crowd-sourced data towards flood monitoring and management.

On October, 22, local representatives from the Attica Region, the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection, and the Municipalities and Volunteer Associations of the region were introduced to FloodHub+ by BEYOND representatives. The engagement of stakeholders is two-fold: they got trained to the provided capabilities/assets of FloodHub+ and they were certified to provide the crowd-sourced data at a dedicated web-platform, through a PC or a mobile phone. Floodhub+ provides an operational assessment of the estimation of the water level and of the flood extent in real-time, towards optimized disaster management by all the aforementioned entities.

Read mora at http://smurbs.eu/stakeholder-engagement-floodhub-training-22-10-2020/