Preparation and launch of the co-funded Call

Lead: MU (CZ)

Co-lead: CNR (IT)

The WP-2 will implement all necessary actions to ensure an efficient and transparent ranking of submitted proposals and to promote a wide participation to submit innovative ideas. The process will be based on the following actions:

  • Preparation of the Two-Stage Call for Proposals related to the four Strands;
  • Submission to the Steering Committee of the relevant document that will be part of the two-stage Call for Proposals
  • As soon as the SC has approved the draft of the Call, WP-2 will have the responsibility to publish the Call on a dedicated webpage and promoted it at national and regional levels through specific channels of communication. A specific Deliverable will include the description of the criteria that will be the basis of the two-stage proposal evaluation including the objectives and expected outcomes that proposals should be addressing to ensure the achievement of the overarching goal and expected impact of ERA-PLANET Strands as one of the major EU contributions to the GEO Work Plan.
  • Provide support to applicants during the proposals submission process.