Communication, Exploitation and Dissemination of the results

Lead: NOA (GR)

Co-lead: AU (DK)

WP-5 describes the strategy and means that the Consortium will use to optimize the communication, dissemination and exploitation paths to be followed and consequently maximize the impact of the ERA-PLANET project. The overarching goals of the communication strategy will be to:

  • maximize discrete audiences covered and societal benefits;
  • remove doubts on findings and emphasize the need of early planning;
  • coordinate and maintain active participation of partners and stakeholders in raising the visibility of the project major outcomes;
  • promote and coordinate the interaction of projects' partners with major policy makers in order to ensure a timely and efficient transfer of knowledge to policy makers and support the EU in the overall policy making process in EU countries and internationally; and finally
  • build concrete bridges between the EC, GEO, existing JPIs and EIPs, the project partners and involved stakeholders, with emphasis on the political perspective of the findings and tools to be developed.