Strategic research policy development, coordination of European programs and supporting International Policies

Lead: CNR (IT)

Co-lead: FMI (FI)

This WP is designed to ensure that ERA-PLANET projects develop their activities in the context of the European research policy on EO. This will imply that all activities carried out in ERA-PLANET have to be well-aligned with the main European EO programmes and their environmental applications, at both national, EU and international level (Copernicus; ESA programmes; the new GEO 10 year plan). In addition WP-6 will support the project’s participation in key international EO frameworks, principally GEO, and will help underpin the European contribution to the development of the international policies that all these programmes will contribute to. Specific activities of WP-6 are:

  • Identify, aggregate, summarise and share national and European EO policies and Research Programmes.
  • Implement the necessary steps to ensure a timely transfer of knowledge and contribute similarly to the research programmes that are designed to implement EU and international policy.
  • Develop and strengthen the links between ERA-PLANET, Copernicus, GEO and the major, relevant international policy frameworks on EO.
  • Develop a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to reinforce ERA in the field of Earth observation in the period 2016-2025.