Follow-up and monitoring of projects

Lead: CREAF (ES)

Co-lead: CNR (IT)

WP-4 is designed to ensure that ERA-PLANET projects are developed following their proposed agenda, generate results of excellent quality and achieve all objectives and expected results reported in their work plan. Deliverables will be monitored and deviations from the workflow and timeline will be reported to the coordinators and to ERA-PLANET Steering Committee in charge to take the necessary actions. Projects DoA will be compared with the project progress and final report to be sure that the committed tasks and deliverables are delivered as detailed in the DoA. Also WP-4 will monitor the level of communication between projects and with GEO to ensure the achievements of the common goal of ERA-PLANET.

The key aspects that will be the basis for the evaluation are:

  • ERA-PLANET thematic and horizontal objectives
  • Promotion of and contribution to key events carried out within the GEO initiatives (i.e., GEO plenary. symposiums, ministerial events, scientific conferences, policy-oriented meetings).
  • Participation in the relevant GEO tasks and in the GEOSS work plan symposium.
  • Participation in the annual GEOSS European Project Workshops (GEPW) organized by the EC.
  • Organization of cross- and inter-disciplinary workshops to facilitate the exchanges of knowledge and synergies between
  • ERA-PLANET projects as well as between ERA-PLANET projects and other GEO related projects.
  • Internal audits of projects implementation including timely submitted deliverables will be regularly organized in order to ensure prompt and efficient monitoring of progress and project development.
  • Well proved links/involvement with on-going projects related to Copernicus